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    Old North Abbey Has a New Space!

    Welcome to Old North Abbey!

    Located in the heart of historic Mechanicsville, Old North Abbey is a Christian community in the Anglican tradition. We meet for worship on Sunday mornings at 10 in the Moses Teen Center located at 220 Carrick Street. Surrounding us are homes built from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. In recent years, they have enjoyed a lot of renovation. Beautiful, historic homes once abandoned are now being restored. The streets as well as the homes in this neighborhood foster interactions among neighbors. What a wonderful place to practice obedience to the command to love our neighbor as our ourself.

    It is at this place we gather at 10 o’ clock every Sunday morning for worship. Our hope is that we become a place of true restoration. We, as a church, long to be made new. So, we hope, as a result of our life together both in worship and beyond Sunday morning, we will change more into the likeness of Jesus.

    We are committed to “practicing a more human way to love God and neighbor.” By ‘more human’ we mean more like Jesus. We believe we didn’t know what it meant to be human until God became human in Jesus. So, everything about our life together is motivated by the hope that we might become more like him.

    We are also committed to practicing a more human way to love God and neighbor because we see so many things in our neighborhoods that are dehumanizing. Places are often built to accommodate cars not humans. People within only a few blocks of us live on the streets. Properties in our neighborhoods remain neglected and become blighted.

    We long to see a world that encourages, if not enables, the full life Jesus promises. We hope people will encounter Jesus in us, come to know the deep love he has for everyone and work together to build the world he intended and makes possible.

    We’re glad you’re here. Thanks for taking the time to stop by our website. Take a look around to get better acquainted with us, and stop by and see us some Sunday morning. We’d love to get to know you.

    Peace to you,
    Fr. Patrick King