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Participating with God for the Life of the World
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Participating with God

For the Life of the World.

  • See, we believe that God loves all of creation, and wants us to participate with Him in bringing life to it. Read more...

We are Anglican, but...

You Don't Have to Be.

  • Every Sunday, before we break bread together, you will hear these words, “This is not Old North Abbey’s table, this is not an Anglican table, this is God’s table…” Read more…

Coming to the table

With God and One Another.

  • We have Communion every Sunday. We like to look at it this way: if God invited all of us to eat with Him, to talk with Him, to spend time with Him, that would be a hard invite to turn down. Read more...

Kids' Table

—We Love Tables...

  • We believe that church is vital to our children. We want to make sure that our children experience God’s love and we think we have a pretty good way of doing just that. Read more...


  • "Old North Abbey is a place where our children are loved and accepted just as much as we are. We are grateful for this body in which each of us has been invited to know and be known."

    –Brad & Joy Guilford

  • "You see, Old North provides me with the only thing that matters, love, specifically the Christ’s love."

    –Rex Wilson

  • "They showed the church at its best: a comfortable and hospitable place focused around relationship with God and with each other."

    –Naomi Yoder

  • "Old North Abbey encourages us to pursue the kingdom of God with joyful reverence and curiosity."

    –David & Lyndsey DaSilva

  • "Family."


  • "Where I find Gospel-saturated liturgy which unfailingly recalibrates my soul to what’s really important. The warm, welcoming people make our time here even lovelier."


  • "What community is supposed to be."


  • "A loving group of brothers and sisters."


  • "My spiritual wellspring. My strongest support. A home."


  • "A family who prays, cares, and lives together in the worship of God and that life of His Kingdom."


  • "The local expression of the Body of Christ where we are all called to love, serve, and build one another up."


  • "A people to know and be known by; a place of rest and reminder of what God says is true."


  • " A genuine, loving community that gives me hope in the midst of my doubt."


  • "A place of simple beauty…it is a place where I feel like all of the service is worship and points us toward God."


  • "A church where through the liturgy and the table I see, hear, and participate in the story of redemption every time."


  • "A community of broken but earnest people who want to be useful to God."


  • "A church that reorients me weekly to the Kingdom of God. Old North Abbey reminds us of who we are and who we are called to be."


  • "A place to talk to Christians and to learn about God."


  • "A second family and a comfort zone."

    –Eleanor (kid)

  • "A meeting place, my second family, the house of the Lord."

    –Emma (kid)


What's Going On?

Worship, small groups, potlucks & more.

Priest & Leadership

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What is a diocese?

Abbey Fields

Knoxville's neighborhood farm.


10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings

Old North Abbey
2537 Fairmont Blvd
Knoxville, TN 37917


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