Abbey Fields

Abbey Fields LogoAbbey Fields is one way our faith is manifested through the work of our hands and the love of our place. The biological complexities of the created world continually humble us before the beautiful mystery of the life cycles. Life to death, and then death to life are the daily miracles of resurrection we experience when we work closely to the ground beneath us.

Abbey Fields Farm is a two acre urban farm dedicated to rebuilding vacant or blighted green spaces for agriculture use. By cultivating urban landscapes we create access to local food systems in an otherwise food desert, as well as provide an outdoor sanctuary for neighborhoods to gather and celebrate life together. We hope that our commitment to be thoughtful stewards of the good gifts God has given will help our roots grow deeper within our communities; and by making hallowed ground good again we are able to share a visible illustration of restoration. In this way, we are able to love and serve our neighbors by sharing our tables.

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