Clergy & Leadership

Rector – Fr. Aaron Wright

Aaron has been the Rector at Old North Abbey since 2014.

He is married to his best friend, Brenna, the woman who he considers to be “leaps and bounds out of his league.” They have two kiddos who fill their life with wonder and keep their heads on a swivel.

Aaron is a native Knoxvillian, who made the move back home in 2010 to be a founding member of Old North Abbey. Aaron’s desire is that people would come to know God as loving and beautiful; as the One who brings order to chaos, rest to the weary, and peace in the midst of our fears.

“Old North Abbey,” Aaron says, “has given us a renewed sense of God’s calling for the world. To come and worship Christ as Lord, to be mysteriously transformed, and to take that mystery to a world longing for hope…Well, that’s what makes being a priest so fulfilling.” Aaron loves to talk about all things Tennessee football, chainsaws, and Ireland.

Associate Rector – Fr. Nick Hamilton

Nick and Katie moved to Knoxville from Colorado in 2008 to direct The Navigators ministry at The University of Tennessee.  Since then they have had three kids, fallen in love with East Tennessee and moved into full time work with the Anglican Church.

They consider it a joy to serve at Old North Abbey and a gift to be a part of this church.  When you can’t find them it’s because they’re hiding out in the woods, backpacking, riding bikes or catching brook trout.

Joy Guilford

Joy is so thankful to be part of Old North Abbey and loves serving as a Deacon there. Old North Abbey has been such a gift to her, to Brad, her husband of almost 20 years, and to their two children, Charis and Micaiah. They are thankful for a church that invites their whole family to take part. Joy homeschools their children and also works part time for Old North Abbey. She enjoys loving on people, meeting the needs of the church, and creating and implementing children’s curriculum for Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. In her free time, Joy makes mixed media art and looks for new ways to see the world. She also enjoys being outside, surrounded by beauty.

Brad Guilford

Brad is a vocational deacon at Old North Abbey. He believes the Anglican tradition and liturgy are an integral part of his personal journey of faith, and he is grateful for the body of Christ at Old North Abbey, where he feels every member of his family has been loved, accepted, and invited to know and be known. Outside of Old North Abbey, Brad and his wife Joy have two school age children, and he manages a software development team for a local healthcare company. Brad and his family are delighted by the camaraderie they share with their neighbors in Old North Knoxville, and they are enthusiastic participants in the vibrant life they find throughout the city. In his spare time Brad enjoys photography, exploring the literary world of Middle Earth, and attending whatever concert, musical, or play he can find where people come together to hear a small story that connects them in some way with the larger story.

Daniel Yoder

Daniel has been married to Thea since 1980, joyously sharing with her five wonderful children and two impossibly cute grandchildren. They have been in Knoxville since 1991, when Daniel started as a UT engineering faculty member teaching and researching stormwater management, water quality, and hydrologic monitoring. Daniel’s hobbies are perpetual remodeling projects and reading. Daniel and Thea are at ONA because they love the wonderful and amazing people and role models there, and because they feel that they have something to contribute.

Rachel Moorman

Rachel and her husband Rusty have called Knoxville home since 2012, having transplanted from Indianapolis, and she stays especially busy remodeling their historic (aka “needs work”) home. Rachel stays at home with her two children, Claire and Aedan, and enjoys volunteering at their school. Rachel loves the peacefulness of the Anglican tradition and liturgy at Old North Abbey, and the people here who have embraced her family. She loves sharing her home with the people of ONA and hosting any kind of church gathering. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys knitting, sewing, and in general anything crafty or creative.

Gregg Baird

Gregg feels especially honored and privileged to serve his church in the capacity that he does, as a member of the Parish Council. He loves his church body and has a sense of deep love for him and his family from his fellow parishioners. Old North Abbey has been Gregg’s home since 2010, when it was meeting in various houses throughout the Old North Knoxville neighborhood. His hope for Old North Abbey is that we may be an instrument of the peace of Christ within the sanctuary of the building which stands at the corner of Fairmont Boulevard and Whittle Springs Road, as well as wherever the parishioners’ lives may venture. Gregg does his best to be a husband to his wife Pryor, and a father to his children, Graham and Abby. He loves to pick up new hobbies and never really masters any of them, but he’s okay with that. Among them are playing clawhammer banjo, ultimate frisbee, pocket water fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and talking Tennessee football with his favorite Rector, Fr. Aaron. Go Big Orange! 

Rusty Moorman

Rusty and his wife Rachel have called Knoxville home since 2012, having transplanted from Indianapolis, and have attended ONA since 2014. Rusty is a software developer for a local company, and enjoys going for hikes or playing board games with his two school-age children. Favorite activities include reading anything about history, ancient civilizations, and the Christian faith, enjoying authors such as Dallas Willard, C.S. Lewis, and many more. He is a life-long Cubs fan and more recent college football fan. Rusty appreciates the peaceful and formative practices of the Anglican tradition and the loving care of his ONA family.

Charleen Julson

Charleen Julson is from the midwest and grew up as a Lutheran.  Her MN rural church was very active with good Sunday School teachers and a very active youth group.  After attending a Lutheran College, she married Steve and moved to France and then to TN. They raised their 2 girls in the Episcopal Church in Morristown, TN.  Thier girls, Catherine (29) and Colette (26) are married and live in Boston and Minneapolis, respectively.  Catherine is pregnant with their first grandchild and they are very excited.

Charleen and Steve joined Old North Abbey 3 years ago and love the energy and children in the parish.  The love, caring and respect they have found at is amazing.  They hope to contribute to this church by adding constant love and stability to this parish.  They would like to watch Old North grow with people of all ages that will contribute to a stable structure for children to see the needs of all ages of people.

Mary Cargle

Mary and her family have called ONA home for almost 3 years.  ONA has been a welcoming and peaceful place for their family to worship and participate in the body of Christ.  She is married to Travis and they have 4 amazing daughters. Mary homeschools her children and works part time as a nurse at a doctors office.  As a family they enjoy camping, outdoors, road trips, swimming in creeks, biking the greenways, and spending time with friends.  Mary also enjoys growing perennial flowers to cut for bouquets, homes, and to add beauty to the Lord Table.  Serving on Parish Council has been a joy for her as she seeks to encourage, uphold, and affirm the clergy in the work that they do.

Spencer Hall

Spencer and his wife Emily are thankful for the close community and rhythms of worship at Old North Abbey.  They were introduced to Anglicanism while in graduate school in North Carolina and joined Old North Abbey in 2015.  Spencer grew up in Knoxville.  After graduating college, he moved overseas to serve as a missionary with Cru and met Emily at a training session.  After stints in Boston and Chapel Hill, they moved to Knoxville in 2010 and are deeply invested in people in the Parkridge neighborhood where they live.  They have four children.  Spencer is a financial advisor and loves to play basketball.