Kids’ Table

Kid's TableYour child is a gift. We believe that kids are a vital part of our church. But, more importantly, we also believe that church is vital to our children. We want to make sure that our children experience God’s love and we think we have a pretty good way of doing just that. We have Kid’s Table for all of our children up to age 5. In this time they will be cared for by a wonderful group of folks, who feel called to nourish your child’s relationship with God and His people. They will hear a simple Bible story and be given time to play and interact with other kids. If they’re infants we have a great space and team for that as well.

Where we differ from most congregations is what we do with our older children. For those kids that are 6 and up, we want them with us. We want to cultivate long standing habits within our children to prepare them for a life devoted to God, and we believe that kids learn about worshiping God by watching us. All of our older children have been given particular tasks for worship that they are quite proud to carryout. They all have folders that help to keep them engaged in worship and that encourages their artistic sides. The best thing is that the whole congregation celebrates with them in their participation with us. They feel loved and important. So, our children are really important to us, and we are really important for them as well.