Coming to the Table

Fr. Aaron WrightEugene Peterson, a very wise pastor said, “Mystery is not the lack of meaning, it’s more meaning than we can comprehend.” That statement is a good foundation for the importance of coming to the Table (having communion/Eucharist) every week. We experience in it a mystery that we can’t comprehend, and, without it we have a sense of emptiness. We also understand communion to be a practice that gives us life, much like eating is necessary for our physical health, having communion with one another feeds us spiritually. So, at Old North Abbey, we have the Eucharist (Communion) every Sunday. Why? We like to look at it this way…if God invited all of us to eat with Him, to talk with Him, to spend time with Him; that would be a hard invite to turn down. We all know that one of the most important things we can do is share a meal. Everyone understands this in some way. We invite people over for dinner to share life, to celebrate, to show that we care. We get to know people over food. Our best conversations often take place around the Table. At Old North Abbey we believe this is the case with God. Being invited every week to eat with Him, with one another, is one way we are given life and learn to share it.