ONA Parish Council Minutes Summary Aug. 21, 2018

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of August 21, 2018
Minutes prepared by Brad Guilford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Elisa, Rachael, Erik, Brent, Sally, Daniel
Absent: Deborah
Clergy attending: Brad

Financial Report:
– no financial report this month.

Facilities Report:
Lots of projects ongoing:
– narthex still need icon and desk, and will happen soon
– McLain’s will do free painting on Saturday Sept. 29
— will do exterior unless weather forces them inside
– still discussing replacement of some carpet with vendor
– addressing the kitchen leaks
— some flashing work completed
— will look for leaks around louvered opening
– exterior work day 9-noon Saturday Aug. 25
– drapes in Commons before Sept. 15
— authorized Rachel to spend up to $600 for material, rods, etc.
— Daniel will put up hanger boards
– Daniel to check on exterior lighting and insulating of ductwork
– future projects
— quarter-round for stage are to cover gap
— redo table for stage
– agreed to have basketball goal install, with some signage
– discussed expenditures for new materials and furniture for the Parlor

Upcoming events:
– Lake Day is Sept. 30.
– Bishop is coming October 14
– Covenant Journey
— Aaron will do one more background session, perhaps Sept. 23
— approved new Voyage questions proposed by Erik and Aaron
— will be included in document
— Erik and Aaron will change “core focus” language in document
— target date for Covenant ceremony is Nov. 4
— Erik will propose process for Voyages to get everything ready by then
– suggested Congregational Meeting Nov. 18

Parish Council Selection:
– Council members with terms expiring this year (Nov. 2018)
— Erik Morris, Rachel Moorman, Brent Wood, Daniel Yoder
— all are eligible to repeat
– Council members with terms expiring next year (Nov. 2019)
— Deborah Broome, Sally Ledford
– begin pondering renewal or potential new member
— will revisit next meeting

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday Sept. 18 in upper meeting room.

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