ONA Parish Council Minutes Summary January 8, 2019

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of January 8, 2019
Minutes prepared by Amber Ford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Amber, Brent, Daniel, Deborah, Gregg, Rusty, Spencer
Clergy attending: Joy

Financial Report:

  • year-end bank balance is almost $129k, but a good chunk of that is 2019 giving made in 2018
  • full-year contributions were $208k and expenditures $140k, both close to what was budgeted
  • accounts for about 28% of total contributions
  • the ADOTS tithe will rise from 4% last year to 6% this year, with the goal of reaching the target 10% in two more years
  • the Parish Council will develop a list of proposed directed giving for members to give to specific needs. This will include paying down the mortgage, facilities development (e.g., flooring, painting, upstairs AC unit, etc.), and clergy and staff development.

Facilities Planning:

  • average attendance is about 150, with an estimated maximum of about 250. Our greatest attendance to date has been 219. We need to think about what that means if/as numbers continue to rise.
  • high-priority tasks discussed include painting the sanctuary and overflow, replacing carpet in the overflow and stairs, refinishing the sanctuary floors, upgrading the bathrooms, striping the parking lot
  • additional tasks include exterior work, removal of window AC units, painting of downstairs rooms
  • mowing will start in March, and Daniel will try to do a hybrid of what we have done to date

Clergy Development:

  • Aaron is scheduled to take a sabbatical in 2020, so ONA needs to be planning both how to support that and to have clergy in place to fill in. The Budget Committee will examine options and report back to the PC
  • the PC is proposing bringing on a part-time paid staff person to organize music, releasing Aaron from that. Aaron will examine possibilities for that.

Fostering Social Interaction:

  • there has been some desire expressed for additional mechanisms to encourage broader social activities. The Council encourages members to come up with ways of doing that, but suggested checking those with the clergy before announcing them

Odds and Ends:

  • the Budget Committee will report back to the PC at the March 5 meeting
  • we may need someone else to help with janitorial services. Aaron will check with a neighbor who does that

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday February 5 in the upper meeting room.

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