ONA Parish Council Minutes Summary July 17, 2018

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of July 17, 2018
Minutes prepared by Elisa Roberts, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Elisa, Rachael, Deborah, Erik, Brent, Sally, Daniel
Clergy attending: Brad

Financial Report:
– giving continues to be up and close to the budget
– spending continues to be below budgeted levels, so year-to-date we are about $1500 ahead
– about ½ of donations are coming in over Tithely, representing ab out 30% of the total.

Facilities Report:
– PC confirmed that we should go ahead with the flooring in the entrance
– Joy has arranged the possibility of getting some free painting done, and will let us know.
– we will check into getting the attic ductwork insulated.
– Aaron is still checking on actual costs for installing new carpet
– will continue work on some of the interior painting
– Aaron asked about another group using a meeting room, and this was OKed.
– we are looking for a professional to check into the possible leak in the kitchen
– a parishioner has volunteered to get the exterior lighting done.

Proposed position to help with older children / youth:
– Aaron proposed a job description and an initial salary budget.
– once a person is selected, they would propose a full budget, including materials and activities.
– would probably be about 35-40 weeks out of the year, and perhaps 4 hrs / week for those.
– there was some discussion about possibilities for filling that position.

Upcoming evvents:
– Lake Day is Sept. 30.
– Bishop is coming October 14
– Covenant Journey: about 30 additional people have gone through the 1st part of the process, and Aaron will plan another in August or September. We will separate the Covenanting service from the Business Meeting this year. Will look more closely at the next meeting.

– moving forward with Youth Director position.
– Lake Day is Sept. 30, and Bishop Frank will be here Oct. 14.
– will discuss next meeting the possible recording of sermons.

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday Aug. 21 in lower meeting room.

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