ONA Parish Council Minutes Summary June 19, 2018

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of June 19, 2018
Minutes prepared by Elisa Roberts, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Elisa, Rachael, Deborah, Erik, Brent, Sally
Absent: Daniel
Clergy attending: Brad, Joy

Financial Report:
– Giving continues to trend upward, and has grown since last year.
– Marriage Conference will show up as fairly large expenditure in June.
– Kudos to the Budget team (Deborah, Brent, Aaron).
– the new budget ($185,700) was approved.
– there was some discussion about whether current savings should be used to pay down on the mortgage.
– the tithe to ADOTS has been increased from 2% to 4%, with a target of 6% for next year, and ultimately 10%.
– there was a suggestion that the Parish Council begin thinking about expanding personnel to meet needs.

Marriage Conference follow-up:
– those who attended were very positive.
– Aaron is processing how to form follow-up groups.
– Aaron sermon series will build directly on the Conference.
– the suggestion was made to have the speaker back to speak on other topics.

Facilities Report:
– Russ will try to get an updated estimate on the upstairs AC unit.
– Patti looking at blinds for the Fellowship Room windows to help with temperature.
– kudos to Joy for the new children’s room set-up.
– there was discussion about exterior painting.
– there was discussion of cleaning various floors, including the kitchen and under the pews in the sanctuary.
– Aaron will receive the carpet estimates soon.
– Rachel presented findings about refinishing the hardwood floors, which for the lobby ranged from $800-1100, and for the entire sanctuary from $5600-8500.
– Aaron will be leading an outdoor work day.

Proposed position to help with older children / youth:
– Aaron proposed a job description and an initial salary budget.
– once a person is selected, they would propose a full budget, including materials and activities.
– would probably be about 35-40 weeks out of the year, and perhaps 4 hrs / week for those.
– there was some discussion about possibilities for filling that position.

Parish Council:
– Since Elisa is leaving the PC in late July, there PC discussed whether to refill that position at our November Congregational Meeting. Without Elisa the PC will have 7 members; the Bylaws require 5-9.
– Had some discussion of possible replacements, but decided to postpone decisions.

– there was some discussion about having Children’s Table for older children.
– Lake Day is Sept. 30, and Bishop Frank will be here Oct. 14.

Next meeting 7:00 pm Tuesday July 17 in lower meeting room.

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