ONA Parish Council Minutes Summary Oct. 16, 2018

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of Oct. 16, 2018
Minutes prepared by Joy Guilford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Rachel, Brent, Daniel
Absent: Erik, Deborah, Sally
Clergy attending: Brad

Financial Report:
– no report
– approved $250 for upgrading Nursing Room

Facilities Report:
Lots of projects ongoing:
– Painting day was an amazing success. Rachel will send a thank-you on behalf of the Parish Council
– The kitchen leak appears stabilized; Daniel will do patching in preparation for later painting.
– Work on the Library is ongoing; Daniel will redo shelves.
– Redoing the sanctuary floors is still on hold.
– Replacing the upper air conditioning unit still on hold.
– Will begin cleaning out the downstairs office to allow it to be used.
– Basketball goal will be put up soon.

Recent events:
– Lake Day was great success.
– Bishop’s visit went well.
– Rex and Christy’s wedding went very well.

Upcoming events:
– Covenant Journey schedule
— Journey sessions 9am Sunday Oct. 21 and 28, 10am and noon Saturday Oct. 27, 6:30pm Wednesday Oct. 24
— childcare provided for the Wednesday and 2nd Sunday sessions
— Covenanting celebration evening Sunday Nov. 4
– Synod Nov. 2 & 3
– potluck and Parish Meeting after church Sunday Nov. 18
– Christ the King Sunday Nov. 25

Parish Council Selection:
– Nominating Committee has met and is proposing a slate of 6 to fill 6 empty seats
— slate and Parish Meeting must be announced at least two weeks beforehand
— Brad will write up a short summary about this for distribution in church

Aaron News and Notes
– Aaron’s pipe instructor will play for Christ the King Sunday
– clergy examining Godspeed program for study during Living Catechism

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday Nov. 20 in upper meeting room.

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