ONA Parish Council Minutes Summary Sept. 18, 2018

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN

Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of Sept. 18, 2018

Minutes prepared by Joy Guilford, summary by Daniel Yoder


Attendees: Aaron, Rachel, Brent, Sally, Daniel

Absent:  Erik, Deborah

Clergy attending:  Joy


Financial Report:

– income exceeded expenditures by about $4000 for August. There will be some extra expenses in the September report to cover facilities upgrades (see below).


Facilities Report:

Lots of projects ongoing:

– McLain’s will do free painting on Saturday Sept. 29

— Daniel will do glazing and priming of upper windows before then

— will do exterior unless weather forces them inside

– carpet replacement has been put on hold until after painting

– addressing the kitchen leaks

— some flashing work completed, and appears effective

— still some work to be done around louvered opening

– curtains in Commons were completed before Rex’s wedding

— came in slightly under authorized $600

– front exterior lighting has been purchased and is being installed through Daniel Sanders

– plan is to redo top of table in sanctuary annex and make that into the altar.  The current altar will be moved out (destination unknown), and the table in the Narthex will be moved to the annex

– Aaron will check on getting internet in the downstairs offices; will not be open access wifi

– Aaron got two quotes on ridding the sanctuary of the popcorn, but the lowest is $6k, and it will still not be smooth. Decided that this is not a high enough priority

– quotes for resurfacing entire sanctuary wood floor is $8500.  Decided to do this eventually

– we need to get some soil to fill the holes in the lawn; Aaron to add to purchase list

– within the next several months will get quotes on painting the sanctuary, and perhaps also the annex

– new furniture and equipment for Upper Room (new Youth space) is coming in shortly.  Included some very nice donated items, so came in under budget.


Upcoming events:

– Lake Day is Sept. 30.

– Bishop is coming October 14

– Covenant Journey

— Aaron will do one more background session on Sept. 23 after church

— target date for Covenant ceremony is Nov. 4

— Erik and Aaron will propose dates for Voyages to get everything ready by then

– Congregational Meeting Nov. 18 after church.  ONA will provide childcare


Parish Council Selection:

– Council members with terms expiring this year (Nov. 2018)

— Erik Morris, Rachel Moorman, Brent Wood, Daniel Yoder

— Erik and Rachel have decided to step off, Brent and Daniel to re-up

– as per Bylaws, the Search Committee therefore consists of Rachel, Erik, and Aaron.  They will develop a new ballot for examination by the congregation in the Nov. 18 meeting


Aaron News and Notes

– the Parish Council will receive ADOTS forms regarding Rector performance, to be filled out and returned before the Bishop’s visit

– there have been multiple recent visitors who have complemented both the spirit of the service and the congregation’s hospitality


Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday Oct. 16 in upper meeting room.

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