Parish Council Meeting Summary Oct. 11, 2021

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of October 12, 2021
Minutes prepared by Amber Ford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Amber, Brent, Charleen, Daniel, Deborah, Gregg, Mary, Nick, Spencer
Absent: Rusty
Clergy attending: none

Financial Report

  • should get back to routine reports in a month or two, as Hartley Accounting are sorting through things. The PC approved an additional $1500 for that process
  • Charleen suggested from now on having the Treasurer and Finance Committee members meet with Hartley Accounting monthly before the PC meeting, and presenting the results. This was unanimously approved

Fall Schedule

  • the Covenanting Service will take place on Nov. 1. Nick showed off the new covenant document
  • the Parish Business Meeting will take place on Nov. 14 after the service. The document outlining Parish Council expectations and listed the nominees (Elisa Roberts, Tim Bowers, Matthew Cox, and Erica Blagg) will be distributed at least 2 weeks beforehand as required by the Bylaws. All nominees have been approached and agreed to serve

Parish Council Nominations

  • 4 members are rolling off: Daniel and Brent are term-limited, Spencer is being ordained into the clergy, and Amber has decided not to re-up. The Council shared a list of about 10-12 possible candidates for the Nominating Committee to consider

Other Business

  • the PC approved expenditure of up to $1000 to provide new vestments for clergy
  • the PC approved expenditure of $1000 to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund to cover his visit and proved an honorarium
  • Gregg will get quotes for installing additional lighting around the property
  • Gregg will work with Brad to explore getting cameras for around the childcare rooms
  • the PC generally approved seeking an employee handbook to help standardize employment processes

Nick closed the meeting with prayer.

Next meeting 7:30 pm Monday November 8

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