Parish Council Meeting Summary of August 6, 2019

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of August 6, 2019
Minutes prepared by Amber Ford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Amber, Brent, Daniel, Gregg, Rusty, Spencer
Absent: Deborah
Clergy attending: Joy

Financial Report:

  • No Treasurer’s Report, since Deborah was unable to attend
  • PC approved an additional $200 for Women’s Retreat, on top of the $500 approved last month
  • ONA received a $1200 anonymous gift directed to purchasing BCPs and Bible; approved by PC

Medical Response

  • Andrew is ordering a defibrillator.
  • Training for Medical Response Team and Childcare workers will be held on 8/25, with lunch provided
  • names of Medical response Team will be shared on Bulletin Board and via email

Building and Facility Updates

  • Gregg will move forward with quotes for repairing stone wall by road
  • Aaron will start to organize an indoor / outdoor Work Day on 9/21
  • Daniel will see about removing metal rod above sewer line
  • Daniel will work to cover wires in Balcony

Mission Opportunities

  • Aaron and Amber met with Resource Coordinators at Bell Morris Elementary and Whittle Springs Middle, and will start posting needs on the Bulletin Board

Preparation for Aaron’s Sabbatical
-Sabbatical Team identified 3 tasks: 1) Aaron developing sabbatical plan; 2) Aaron and Team will communicate purpose and need for sabbatical to congregation; and 3) dealing with practicalities (finances, scheduling, ministry duties, etc.). Rachel will handle communication, while Spencer and Brent will handle practical.

  • Aaron has been speaking with others to gain insight into the process. Father Jack King is willing to talk with the PC about his experience.
  • Spencer shared they will build a team to meet with Aaron before, during, and after the sabbatical for increased prayer, discussion, etc.
  • ministry roles could be shared both internally and externally. This may be an opportunity to build greater discipleship within the congregation to take on greater ownership during and after the sabbatical.

Fall Needs

  • the Congregational Meeting will be the first week of November
  • the PC proposed dropping the 2nd part of the Covenant Journey, which is getting very difficult to pull off given the larger numbers. Aaron will do at least 1-2 additional “1st sessions” between now and October.
  • Gregg will be reaching out to people individually to expand the Hospitality Team.

Aaron updates

  • Caleb will continue working with Youth as a volunteer, but will no longer be paid staff. The youth will be split between 3rd-5th grade and 6th grade and up. Emily Hall and Brenna will head up the younger group. Spencer and Aaron are reaching out to parents to volunteer with the older group.
  • the New Wineskins Conference in Asheville is coming up in late September, and the PC decided to pay for one clergy and one lay person to attend. Travis Cargle will be the lay person, and Aaron the clergy.

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday September 3 in the upper meeting room.

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