Parish Council Meeting Summary of September 3, 2019

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of September 3, 2019
Minutes prepared by Amber Ford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Amber, Brent, Daniel, Deborah, Gregg, Rusty, Spencer
Clergy attending: Joy

Financial Report:

  • giving in July and August was over budget, while spending was under-budget
  • will delay spending budgeted amount on refinishing the hardwood floors in the sanctuary until next June
  • will add Tithely instructions to giving cards
  • PC approved spending $5.5k (instead of $5k originally budgeted) to replace the aging sound system
  • PC will at the next meeting making another lump payment against the mortgage

Clergy needs:

  • approved $300 for new purificators for Altar Guild
  • sink in Nursery bathroom needs new faucets or new lower sink. Daniel will check
  • flooring in children’s area will need to be replaced within next few years; it does not look clean
  • Aaron will contact Drew Petty for additional hooks for crucifixes in Sanctuary

Medical Response team:

  • training was held for childcare team
  • will hold additional training for broader group
  • defibrillator will be mounted

Building and Facility updates:

  • will have Workday on Sept. 21 (8:30-noon), with outdoor work and painting of additional room downstairs
  • new Bibles have come in and been placed. New BCPs are on back-order.
  • have decided to not pay for stone wall renovations, but instead pressure wash and repair major issues
  • front lighting is in the process of being updated. Daniel will check
  • the steeple will need cleaning in the spring
  • have found two new folks interested in rotating into cleaning schedule
  • Aaron will post new service opportunities on Bulletin Board

Preparation for Aaron’s Sabbatical

  • Brent shared sabbatical best practices document
  • Aaron shared proposed sabbatical dates, encompassing 3 months
  • committee will have draft logistical plan for October PC meeting
  • Nick will be ordained as priest in late October, after which ONA will send him on a short retreat

Fall Needs

  • the Congregational Meeting will be the first week of November
  • Aaron will lead two Covenant Journey 1st and 2nd steps in two Wednesdays between now and late October
  • Covenant signing will be on a Sunday evening before the November Congregational Meeting
  • need tow folks to represent ONA at Synod in November. Spencer will represent the PC
  • Aaron will check about moving Lake Day to Oct. 20. Next year we will check into reserving Inskip Pool instead

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday October 1 in the upper meeting room.

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