Parish Council Minute Summary: Sept. 1, 2020

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of September 1, 2020 (by Zoom)
Minutes prepared by Amber Ford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Amber, Brent, Charleen, Daniel, Gregg, Rusty, Spencer
Absent: Mary
Clergy attending: Joy

Financial Report
The PC approved an expenditure of $3803 for outdoor audio equipment by unanimous email on 8/16/2020.
Deborah presented the financial report. During August we made a $35k payment against the mortgage principal to reduce our interest payments. Our giving YTD is over budget and our expenditures are $16k under budget.

Library Proposal

  • Cathy and Destin LeBlanc prepared a very thorough plan for Library use. Aaron will make several suggestions to them for editing the proposal to remove the key code and to set up an email address. We will also work to remove the extra chairs from the Library hallway.
  • The PC agreed that the Library could be open when the Church is open (so currently just Sunday mornings), and the person responsible for locking up will check the Library.
  • The PC agreed that the Library can be open under Covid restrictions, with the expectation of safe practices.


  • both the outdoor morning and evening Zoom services appear to be going well, with no need for any substantial changes
  • as the weather cools, the morning outdoor service will be moved to 10:00 am
  • Aaron asked the PC to ponder how winter services will look and at what temperature those should begin.
  • the Covid Response Committee will meet to propose a winter plan

Fall Planning

  • the Covenant Journey will be done via Zoom or spaced out in the Sanctuary. Aaron and Nick will put together a plan for the 1st and 2nd sessions for new members. The Covenanting ceremony will take place Nov. 1. Aaron will follow up with Hannah on production of a new covenant.
  • the Congregational Meeting will take place the evening of November 15
  • the Bishop visit is tentatively planned for October 25
  • there will be baptisms on Nov. 1 and Nov. 22.
  • Synod will occur remotely Nov. 12-13. We need to identify two members to attend

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday October 6 in the Commons or by Zoom.

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