Parish Council Summary for Jan. 5, 2021

Old North Abbey, Knoxville, TN
Parish Council Meeting Summary, meeting of January 5, 2021 (by Zoom)
Minutes prepared by Amber Ford, summary by Daniel Yoder

Attendees: Aaron, Amber, Charleen, Daniel, Gregg, Mary, Rusty, Spencer
Absent: Brent
Clergy attending: Joy

Business carried out via email between meetings (requires unanimous approval)

  • on 12/9 the PC approved expenditure for gifts for volunteers
  • on 12/22 the PC approved expenditure for paying the utility bill for a family in need

Financial Report (year-end)

  • Ended year with net surplus (contributions – expenses) of $36k
  • PC approved spending an additional $16k towards the mortgage
  • the Budget was submitted, and will be discussed at the next meeting


  • carpet and flooring installation have begun, and will continue for the next two weeks
  • Nick and Aaron have continued working on the Office

Worship Services

  • there was agreement to stream the 9:00 am service rather than the 11:00
  • PC will continue to monitor the situation and moves towards normalcy

Other items

Next meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday Feb 2 in the Commons or by Zoom.

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